Easter at MIT

by admin

The Polish Club at MIT would like to wish everyone a Happy Easter! In this time of year, we hope that you have had an opportunity to take a break from your hectic workloads, and spent a peaceful timeĀ  with your family and friends. We wish that these moments would come more often.

In order to make this wish a little closer to reality, The Polish Club at MIT organized egg painting on Saturday, April 3rd.

The crowds broke through the door at 2pm, just in time to enjoy some of the best Polish Easter cuisine has to offer: zurek, babki, cake and an assortment of chocolate covered candy smuggled from Poland by our VP – Dorota.

However, food was only a sweet bonus to the unique opportunity to explore Polish culture and traditions. This time the activity was egg painting!

After a ton of laughs, innovative designs and a often not so glamorous executions, we came up with the eggs you can see on the left. Although we did not exactly top Faberge eggs, we definitely have some talent.

For everyone who could not make it to the egg painting and is extremely sad as a result, despair not! We have a ton of fun events this month. Look out for emails on polishclub@mit.edu and updates to this site.